Grant Smith

With a background in Holistic Health and Martial Arts, Yoga was a natural progression for Grant.

He took his first yoga class in 2003, and couldn’t even touch his toes! Yet it wasn’t until his sojourn to Thailand, working in the luxury medical spa scene, that he developed a strong, regular practice.

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Yanti Panjaitan-Smith

Yanti first found Yoga in 2007 back in Bandung, West Java (Indonesia) where she studied her Bachelor Degree. She had the best sleep ever after the first class she attended and soon was in love with the practice.

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Camilo Ruiz

On top of being a musician and a filmmaker, Camilo manages to keep focus, calm and effective in his everyday routine with the guidance of Yoga.

He has been practicing Yoga over 6 years now and had completed a 250 hours intense yoga teacher training, and a 50hr SomaChi training.

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Cadia Belante

Cadia Belante’s yoga journey began in 2011, and it has been a part of her life ever since.

Discovering a great sense of peace through the practice carried over from the mat into her daily life.

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Lianne Metcalf

Lianne founded SomaChi Yoga in 2000. She was soon asked by students to develop a teacher training and in 2004 the first SomaChi Yoga Teacher Training was underway.

By 2007 her school was accredited with the international body of Yoga Alliance.

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Nicky Davidson

Curiosity, and a passion for energetic practices, drew Nicky to Tai Chi many years back. From there, she progressed to Somatic Tai Chi which teaches that grace and ‘energetic intelligence’ are natural qualities one only has to rediscover.

In quick time, Nicky became a Somatic Tai Chi Assistant, then built her skills over four years.

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Mickey Space

Mickey has been practicing Yoga since 1995 and teaching professionally since 2007.

Mickey’s practice started with Iyengar style, building a strong foundation in Asana, Pranayama and Meditation.

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Lorena Castro

Lorena worked as a clinical dietician applying her desire to improve people’s quality of life.

Fittingly, she now practices and teaches yoga and meditation in order to transcend her learnings.

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Jess Stenglein

Jess found her love for Yoga whilst studying Acting Training.
Whilst studying full time at the Howard Fine Acting studio she was introduced to the Alexander technique where she learnt to integrate and find awareness in her body.

Jess heard many wonderful things about Yoga and was intrigued to find out more.

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Green Park

Green believes yoga can change people’s lives as she personally experienced dramatic improvement on her health and relationships as a result of consistent practice.

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Sean Read

Sean has been teaching Yantra Yoga regularly around Melbourne since 2014.He finds inspiration in the connection between breath and movement, one of the fundamental principles of yantra yoga.

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Lauren Hull

Lauren did her first teacher training in Rishikesh, India and studied at Rishikesh Yog Peeth under Roshan Singh. After completing this initial 200Hr training she returned to Melbourne seeking practice and expansion of knowledge. She has subsequently completed a 350Hr training with Jean Campbell at Melbourne Yoga Shala, and is currently undergoing a 300Hr Level 2 Apprenticeship with Jean Campbell.

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