Perisai Diri translates as “The shield of oneself” or “To shield yourself” and denotes the Pacifistic nature of the Martial Art. 

The philosophy is to avoid, rather than block any assault or attacks from an assailant, and to end up in a position of safety, yet tactical superiority, so that, if your assailant wishes to continue attacking you, they effectively need to chase after you, whilst you are in the perfect position to counter attack without having to move again or take another step.
As you are avoiding, the movements of the limbs are designed to protect you and deflect any attack in case you are too slow, and/or help to destabilise or redirect your assailant, thereby contributing to your tactical advantage, and in effect “shielding you as you move”.

This is a traditional Indonesian style of Martial Art, with close ties to Shaolin Kung Fu, and thus incorporates a great deal of techniques such as Tiger, Dragon, Krane, Eagle, Princess and Warrior, with students developing mastery in each specific technique as they progress through the levels. Perisai Diri also includes training in a variety of weapons, particularly, knife, staff, sword, Fan, Machete/Golok, sickles and short sticks.

Classes include meditation, conditioning, technique, application & sparring.

Class Schedule:

  • Saturday 12pm – open class/all levels
  • Wednesday 7.30pm – open class/All Levels, especially Beginner’s – Martial Flow (incorporating Yoga for strength & Conditioning)
  • One Sunday a month (usually the 3rd Sunday) we have a Formal Group class from 12pm – open class/all levels (Formal class is in full training uniform)
    (Any Gradings that are due will be scheduled during these formal classes)

Class Fees

More information can be found on the Australian Silat Perisai Diri website: or by contacting us directly on 0452 217 919 or