Vlad Mizikov

Vlad’s yoga journey began during his first Savasana after accidentally walking in on a yoga class in India. He experienced the effects of an integrated practice that fulfilled him on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. 

Since then, yoga has been a fundamental element of Vlad’s life and over the years he has been blessed with the generous guidance of truly gifted teachers in India, Australia and Thailand.

Vlad began teaching because he wanted to share something that had made a profound difference in his life. The more time he spent practicing, the more he realised that what happens on the mat was a metaphor for his life and how he conducted himself in the world.Taking this insight into consideration, he began to notice how a practice subtly empowered the student, who was then able to take this energy into their daily life.

Recent times have seen Vlad working together with a famed holistic clinic in Mysore India teaching therapeutic yoga asana to Indian patients focusing on rehabilitation, structural alignment and bringing the benefits of practice to life off the mat. Having been influenced by so many people actively working to help improve the quality of life of the communities around them, Vlad is inspired to contribute to this work, continue to learn and inspire others.