Mickey Space

Mickey has been practicing Yoga since 1995 and teaching professionally since 2007. Mickey’s practice started with Iyengar style, building a strong foundation in Asana, Pranayama and Meditation. Having lived for 7 years in Thailand, Mickey undertook advanced training in India in Iyengar style and then studied Sivananda style along with Tai Chi and Chi Gong in Thailand.

In 2006 Mickey undertook his 900 hour teacher training at Gita International. Mickey has continued to undertake further training in various styles and with several inspiring internationally recognized teachers including Clive Sheridan, Donna Fahri and AG Mohan and enjoys dipping into Vipassana retreats in the Thai Buddhist tradition.

Mickey is immersed in full time teaching and has taught all sorts of classes and styles, from Power Flow to Yin Yoga, corporate yoga to working with veterans in chair Yoga and playful childrens Yoga. His style is eclectic due to his diverse experience and background, able to adopt the right kind of class for specific situations. He aims to incorporate all the aspects of Yoga in a class, will challenge students physically, educate them anatomically and inspire them spiritually, always with a sense of lightness, humor and joy.

He has been taking students to deeper levels since 2010 having run several local and international retreats and having had the privilege of being invited to teach at several yoga and music festivals and events nationwide.
Being a professional and passionate DJ for longer than he has taught Yoga, Mickey also loves incorporating music into his classes, running his very popular Hatha Groove workshop where he uses a DJ to lay down Sacred Beats creating quite a funky class!!